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Deluxe Indie Game Vinyl.


Rem Michalski’s horror masterpiece follows Susan Ashworth’s journey through hell and back, accompanied by the eclectic and atmospheric music of Michał Michalski.

We’re proud to release this vinyl in anticipation of
Harvester Games follow-up to the cat lady: Lorelai.

This double LP spans a total of 29 tracks from the video game, including tracks by
Pål Hjørnevik, Josiah Orsie, and iamqqqqqqq. All tracks mastered by Kramer (Galaxie 500). Inner Gatefold art by Aliceyuric.

Limited to 500 copies.


New release assured with every 150 copies sold!

Spotlighting stunning soundtracks from games that flew under the radar. Quality releases at affordable prices, all profit goes to the creators.

We hope you'll join us as we grow.


The Cat Lady - 2LP Soundtrack

25$ + P&P (Worldwide)

Expected Release date:
December 2019


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